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Kathmandu Valley Views HomestayPrice List and Guest Information 2024

Room per night, per person $18.00 USD

Discount Prices

Room per person based on 2 People sharing (Double) $20.00

USD ($35.00 USD Per Room)

Room Per Person based on 3 sharing (3 Beds) $15.00 USD ($45.00 USD Per Room)

Extra Mattress on floor (Per Person) $10.00 USD

Family Price

Children over 10 Years full price.

Children 5 to 10 -50% Discount

With attached bathroom are Three rooms and 1 room is share toilets and bathroom.



Price includes


(Your choice of Porridge, Yoghurt and Fruit, Boiled eggs, Omelets or muesli, Served with Toast, Butter and Jam, and Tea).

Breakfast is served between 6 to 9 AM

Dinner :

Dinner will be a traditional Nepali meal (Vegetarian or none Veg.), which generally consists of boiled rice, seasonal organic vegetables, vegetable curry. Lentil soup, pickles. Poppadoms and chapatis are available on request. If you have any specific dietary requirements, allergies or requests please do not hesitate to ask us.

Dinner is served between 7 to 8 PM

If you are here longer than 2 nights we will also make other foods including pasta, chowmein, Fried rice, French fries, Omelettes, and local specialties, amongst others types of food.


Complimentary Services

Mineral water

We have a large mineral water container to refill your bottles at no extra charge. We do not sell bottle of plastic mineral water to save the environment.


Tea & Cookies

We are happy to give you a choice of teas, including black, milk, lemon, and Nepali herbal tea. If you require a specific tea, please bring with you and we will give boiling water. We also provide cookies.



We offer you a free Wi-Fi service, with battery backup, but please be aware that due to the fluctuating nature of communications and electricity in Nepal we cannot be held responsible for a lack of internet service.



We offer you a free laundry service, washed and dried for you once per week per person. Shoes and Jackets are excluded from this service. Please be aware that as we do not have an electric dryer, cloths will be dried in the open air, or in our unheated drying room which may take longer to dry than expected. (2 Days)


Extra Included Services

Hot water bottle in winter

As most house in winter do not have heating and winter nights can get chilly we will give you a hot water bottle.


Service not included

Laundry post trekking trip : 50 Rupees per Kilo

We are happy to wash and dry you trekking clothes, including jacket. Please be aware that.

This may take longer than one day to wash and dry.

Lunch : 400 Rupees.

We are happy to prepare a lunch for you (Please notify us the night before or at breakfast).

Lunch will usually consist of Veg. Noodles, or Curry and Rice, or Salad (depending on Season).


Taxi from Airport 1500.00 Rupees.

Kathmandu Valley View Homestay is in Gadhi, Kathmandu 12 KM. from Kathmandu Airport, and 45 Minutes to one hour away depending on traffic. We offer you a private car service with a driver for up to three people who will wait for you for One hour after your plane lands. This service offers you great safety and security as we personally know the driver,  and you will not have to haggle with touts who may end up being more expensive. (You are welcome to make your own arrangements to get to Kathmandu Valley View Homestay Village.)

Please note : Taxi fears in Nepal, as with most countries are relatively high. The price is set by the taxi and we have no control over it, no get any commission nor service charge from them. More than 3 guests will need a minivan (Up to 10 People) 2500 Rupees.


Taxi Airport Waiting Time 300 Rupees Per Hour

Please note : The Taxi driver will wait for one hour after the scheduled arrival time, or revised arrival time. If you are delayed in customs, Passport conrol, or Baggage, you will be charge per hour for waiting time.


Taxi to Airport 1500.00 Rupees

We offer you the same car service to Kathmandu Airport from Kathmandu Valley View Homestay. There are other options to get directly to the airport from Kathmandu Valley Homestay Village.


Taxi to Kathmandu Central 1000.00 Rupees (Minivan 1500.00 Rupees.)

We offer a regular taxi service to central Kathmandu (Thamel, or Tourist Bus Station.)

Please note : There is also a public bus which runs every hour from Kathmandu Valley View homestay (Depending on timetable) which charges 25.00 Rupees (at time of going to print) to central Kathmandu.

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