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Dear Guest !

We wish you a very warm welcome into our home. We very happy that you have chosen to stay with us on you trip in Nepal. We are not hotel nor a guest house, but a family, and we want you to feel part of our family, so if there is anything we can do to make you feel more at home please do not hesitate to ask us.

We hope you enjoy our home, our home cooked food and our service. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them, and if you have any problems we will do our best to rectify them.

Your enjoyment of our home is of the greatest importance to us, and we look forward to being of service to you during your time here.

Best Regards,

Bhim, Bimala and Family

Kathmandu Valley View Homestay


(Note : As mini apartment, it means one kitchen or two double bed rooms and one kitchen for one double bed room is available here if you needed it.)

About us

Valley View Home Stay is situated in Chandragiri Municipality ward no. 15 which is attached with the Kathmandu Metropolitan. From this place we can view almost all area of Kathmandu Valley and this place is 12 K.M. away from International airport. Kalanki Chowk is 10 K.M. from Chakrapath at the left side of airport. Similarly, At the west from the Kalanki Chowk Naikap Bhanjhyang is 2 K.M. and from there towards South after going 300 M. ahead, we can reach to this Kathmandu Valley View Home Stay. This place also has a historical story that, while King Prithivi Narayan Shah was uniting Nepal he made here Gadhi to Kirtipur Newar area and won the battle, at that time with him some Magar and till now their houses are situated there as a historical importance. We can see all the four Bhanjhyangs which are surrounds Kathmandu Valley i.e. Bandh, Sakhu, Sanga and Farphing Bhanjhyangs with some mountains and beautiful scenery of Kathmandu Valley. This place is near the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu city but we can take the taste of rural environment fully. Therefore, this place also can be taken as suitable place for the improvement of rural tourism development.

The tours we are offering give visitors the rare opportunity to explore some of the many attractions in the surrounding area and to experience developing village life of Kathmandu Valley. There are attractive of tours available in the west of Valley. We are providing you the exclusivity of our village tours. Our villagers are tourism able include the beautifully temples, specialty of locality, ethnic difference, scenario of Himalayan rhythms in this village many years old agricultural/ceramic culture; the silk weaving and pottery villages, are just some of the highlights.

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